Why Confess My Sins to a Priest?

If you’ve ever been in a conversation where you had to defend the Catholic Faith, people have probably asked you this question. It can be a tough one to answer, but Fr. Mike lays out many reasons why confessing our sins to a priest makes perfect sense. Confession isn’t a man-made tradition of the Church but rather a valuable gift given by God and rooted in Scripture.

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  • JBMV

    Outstanding talk on why confession!
    Another big obstacle is knowing or not knowing, one’s sins.
    Thank you for this video. I’m going to share this with others.

  • Janet

    Fr mike, i have a question. Ive been married for 40 years, raised good catholic kids etc; BUT my marriage was never blessed or convalidated. Why has a sacrament that i received ( reconciliation) been stripped from me. Can the church take a sacrament back? I realize it seems like an easy fix but for me its not although i would love to be able to receive Jesus in the eucharist. My parish priest doesn’t seem aproachable either. Any reply is appreciated. Kind regards, janet

  • Texas Mike

    Thank you Fr. Mike, very good talk today! I have heard and have done so many times, if you ask a priest the most rewarding part of their work, it is confession. I can believe that. As a child confession was a bit strange but only because I didn’t understand the power of true forgiveness. As an adult, this sacrament is hugely powerful! When I do a true examination of consciousness and confess my sins, I truly feel the grace of God flowing through the priest to me. I marvel at the wisdom and mercy flowing and many times am reduced to tears – POWERFUL!!! Please give it a try.