Thoughts on Golf

In this behind the scenes video from Ascension Presents, Father Mike Schmitz makes his argument for why golf should not be considered a sport. To those who do tee off, don’t get ticked off. His comments are meant to be taken lightly.

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  • Anne

    Fr. Mike, I do think you are a wonderful person, however… your theory that golf is a waste of time is highly inaccurate. I do not think golf is a sport, but as far as an entertaining form of walking… when has walking ever been a waste of time? Did Christ not walk with His disciples on the road to Emmaus? I have had many a wonderful conversation during the event we call “golf” and therefore will not ask for those moments back… thank you very much. Love and hugs, Annie. ??❤

    *Edit: I do feel that Nascar and Golf DO however form similar characteristics to sports, in that they require discipline and a certain level of specific knowledge and skill. They are just not as physically demanding as true “sports.”