Motivation to Go to Catholic Mass

You may have heard priests or devout Catholics say something like, “If only people knew what was happening at Mass, they’d be more willing to go.” That may be true, but in this video, Fr. Mike also gets to the more practical—and painfully direct—heart of the matter. He points out that the heart of worship is sacrifice, and ultimately it’s not about how engaged or entertained we are. Mass isn’t about us; it’s about God and what he asks of us.

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  • LINDA J.

    Love this! Going to share with my bible study group this afternoon!

  • Ginny Stage

    I love these videos. They always make me think and want to share! Keep’m coming !

  • Margaret Reinbold

    Thank you Father. Your videos are very helpful for day to day living. Definitely will try to remember this one and how to explain why Mass is so important

  • Terry Witt

    We are watching Altaration in our Youth Faith Formation. On our final night all of our families are invited to watch your Whys behind the Whats. Your weekly you tubes give us the chance to share with our parents what we are reviewing with their youth. We are inspired.

  • Jan

    Wow. Thank you for sharing your insights you have given me a lot to think about. I enjoy all of your videos and have learned a lot. May God continue to bless and guide you.

  • kathy c

    I love these videos. This one is particularly helpful for my next discussion with my 14-year old who would also prefer to be sick all day instead of going to Mass;)

  • Pat C.

    This is why I love Fr Mike. He reminds us that we’re all afflicted with human frailties but they can be overcome by God’s grace and mercy. Especially helpful on Sunday mornings with my 16 year old son.

  • Christy Read

    I hope to someday here back from you. I try to use your guidance for dealing with the fallen gay Catholics and the beyond obviously gay not practicing gay but wearing a dog collar and treating me and my feremones like crud….I used ro know Happy gays…but now only mean ones….it is really affecting my level of compassion when I am told that I am cruel for recommending courage. I have options for different churches to get to mass. Thank Goodness ,but I am tired of a local priest that hates women,plugs the girl scouts, and refused to let ccd kids do a Christmas so they could take an hour left long bus trip to a Baptist Church for a Live Nativity..heck the Methodist had a free one down the street…..point being…neither event is Catholic….Thank God for EWTN…

  • Anita Mary Markiewicz

    Okay, Mind Blown. I love this, I think so many of my non-Catholic and even Catholic friends, are this way. I always felt a bit selfish when I get to go to Mass every week. A place to just sit in God’s house, and let Him Love me.

  • In God we trust

    AMEN! Sooooo cool and sooooo much truth. Been there, done that. It has taken nearly 40 or 50 years to develop an Attitude of Gratitude for Sunday (and weekday) Mass. But I can honestly say that it is By Far, the most important hr. of my week. Think about it, God gives us 24 x7 (hint; 168) hrs. per week and asks (“demands”) 1 hr. in return. And our response? Is it a joyful acceptance of His request or a begrudging capitulation (or a flat-out refusal)? Each of us answers this question in our own hearts. This week, Father Dan will not be around to provide weekday Mass, and I can honestly say this “loss” will weigh heavily on my heart. The really Sad part is; it took me nearly 50 years to get here. And we have not even gotten-into the intimacy and JOY of weekday Adoration (Quiet Time with Jesus : ))).

  • jmnantonino

    Awesome! Fr. Mike’s passion is contagious and his most effective evangelization tool! So blessed by his witness.

  • Jeremy Provenzano

    SUPER COOL! I hear and have learned how important mass is to me and my family. How do we get others to hear…? Thank you for doing what you do!