LGBT and Finding Catholicism: Hudson’s Story

In Hudson’s story, we hear about how those who have homosexual attractions are still sons and daughters of God first. While not shying away from the reality of his feelings, Hudson shares how he has found his true identity in Christ.

This video is part of Ascension’s study, YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body. For a more in-depth look at this topic and the topic of chastity, check out Jason Evert’s video on homosexuality, which is also a part of the YOU program.


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  • Patricia Koenig

    A person’s temptations are not “who they are.” That needs to be debunked. A homosexual is just a person who is tempted to commit homosexual sins. Also a person tempted to homosexuality does not necessarily need to live a celibate life. The program Courage helps persons tempted to homosexual acts to re-orient to a heterosexual outlook and then to deal heterosexual temptations with either marriage or celibacy. Homosexuality is just a temptation to sin…like other temptations to sin.

    • Deborah Cox

      How else would they live if not celebrate? Otherwise they would be in the state of mortal sin.

      • marylamb72

        Patricia mentions the Courage Program.. Another is Living Waters. I know a man who struggled with SSA as a boy and young man. He now is married and has children. Living Waters helped him work through it. He now works with them and travels all over to speak about his journey.

      • Patricia Koenig

        marylamb72 said what I would say… that in addition to refraining from acting on homosexual temptations, a person should seek to re-order their disordered homosexual temptations… to become a chaste heterosexual. Groups such as Courage and the Sacraments, prayer, etc., help with that. Then they can marry as a heterosexual.

  • marylamb72

    God Bless you for sharing your story Hudson. So many are trying to change the Catholic Church by claiming they “hate” LGBT persons. Not true. Not anymore than a parent telling a child something will hurt them is hate. I pray the Church never changes it’s doctrine but some clergy are giving in to the lie.